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Welcome to Create Health Coaching. Create Health Coaching was created by an RN to educate and support you to achieve health. I will gladly work with you to help manage your health conditions, assist with weight loss, stress management, anti aging strategies, improve your energy or provide recommendations about nutrition and lifestyle modification.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The evidence emerged that people with chronic health conditions are at higher risk to become sick from Corona virus. Create Health Coaching is providing phone and online consultations to help you manage or reverse your chronic health problems before you may become sick. Your optimal health will help you fight COVID-19 or any other infections. Please schedule your free introductory call today.

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Are you ready to take charge of your health?

Are you ready to achieve sustainable weight loss?

Do you want to manage or possibly reverse your chronic health problems?

Do you want to increase your energy, look and feel good?

You've come to the right place. Hi, I am Renata. I am a board certified health coach and an RN with a Master's degree in Nursing. After 30 years of experience in traditional health care, I realized that to create true health you need a personalized approach. At Create Health Coaching, I will guide you to establish your priorities and lead you to sustainable changes through diet and lifestyle modification. As a holistic health coach, I will help you find the root causes for your health issues and work with you to find solutions. Together, we will help you take control and create the health you've always dreamt of.

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2 phone sessions a month and weekly emails. Detailed review of your history, goal setting and customized action plan


Same as one month, plus ongoing personalized support and recommendations toward your goal achievement


A package customized to your preferences either in length or with additional phone calls/emails.


I've lost 22 lbs in three months following diet and lifestyle recommendations. I now have more energy than I had in years, and am working to decrease my prescription medications.

Jeff C.

After a course of antibiotics I developed digestion issues. After following Renata's suggestions I no longer have bloating and gas after every meal and my digestion issues are resolved. My sleep problems are much better too.

Sunshine L.

I got very upset when my blood work showed I was prediabetic, since diabetes runs in my family.  Working with Renata helped me change my long standing diet habits. After 3 months my sugar is normal, and my cholesterol decreased too.

Thomas D.

I was gaining weight without apparent reason, was bloated and tired all the time. I had trouble sleeping and concentrating. Now I've lost 7 lbs in a month, bloating is gone and I am able to fall asleep faster. Thank you!

Irina P.



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